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New Project.

2008-02-07 07:42:13 by The-claww

Hey newgrounds! :D

Well I thought I should atleast make a post since i dont even have one. So here goes.

Im working on a new project now, it is titled the Star Craft Project, and basically it is a new series which will have the Terran from starcraft battling the zerg. It wont be exactly as the game Star Craft, but the idea remains the same. The only difference is the weapons, maybe a few more characters, and the zerg are ridiculously strong and the Terran (Humans) are realistically powerful. So this means alot of shooting, explosions, blood and chaos.

Some may notice I used this character in a recent collab I participated in, well thats true, I put in alpha coloring into the character and swapped weapons. For my actual project im simply using this character as it is shown here, and of course the background will change.

Here is a screenshot for a scene. Yeah the picture quality is bad but the flash looks alot better.

New Project.


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2008-02-07 10:55:26

Hello! Project looks good so far, a bit crappy blood effects, but otherwise it looks good, good luck with it.

The-claww responds:

hahaha yeah the blood is alot better when you see it come flying out the back of someones head, I have trouble drawing good blood on walls without blurring them though.


2008-02-14 03:44:10

I thought your job ir realy good, when i was watching it, i felt like i am playing a starcraft game or something.
Man starcraft rules- starcraft is power.
I just love it. Im gona wait when you submit this project, i thought it gone be nice.
Keep animating.

The-claww responds:



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